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Jizera Mountains

Jizera Mountains


The selection of pastime activities

  • riding a bicycle using marked bike-tracks
  • cross country skiing in an attractive area of Jizera Mountains
  • massive amount of downhill slopes and lifts, choice according to your own skiing capability
  • tourism - walking, tracking - using tourist tracks
  • sightseeing and visiting interesting places typical for local area
  • accessibility of natural swimming pools/lakes or also town swimming pools and fitness

Description of surroundings

There are lots of kilometres of well prepared criss-cross of tracks for cross-country skiing in Jizera m. in winter. Lovers of downhill skiing have an opportunity of skiing in alpine centres where lots of hi-quality slopes are even very difficult one. In summer, Jizera Mountains are an ideal place for cycling; there is a perfect web of marked cycling tracks. We should not forget to recommend instructive path and precious parts of Jizera Mountains which are protected but also accessible.

Where to ski / ski centers

In the distance of 3km from our house there are slopes for all kinds of skiers:

  • TANVALDSKÝ ŠPIČÁK - a centre with the longest slopes in Jizera mountains
  • FILIP - a private lift suitable for beginners, possibility of night skiing, it is situated in the town Smrzovka
  • JOSEFŮV DŮL - ski centre by the town of Josefův Důl

Next ski centers:

  • BEDŘICHOV - ski centre with slopes of all kinds near Liberec
  • ČERNÁ ŘÍČKA - ski centre in Desná
  • DESNÁ PARLAMENT - ski centre in Desná, ideal for family skiing
  • KOŘENOV-REJDICE - lyžařský areál na pomezí Jizerských hor a Krkonoš
  • JEŠTĚD - well known winter sport centre in Liberec
  • PLAVY - ski lift near Černá Studnice, Tanvald
  • SEVERÁK - ski centre with slopes of all kinds in Janov nad Nisou
  • ZÁSADA - ski centre of easy and mid difficulty near Jablonec nad Nisou

Tips for trips

If you like visiting places from where you can look at country like birds, you should not miss to visit nearest watchtowers in our area:

  • Špičák - 831m above see level (masl)
  • Královka 859 masl
  • Štěpánka 959 masl
  • Ještěd 1012 masl
  • Černá Studnice 869 masl
  • Bramberk 787 masl
  • Petřín 635 masl

Other targets

  • ZOO in Liberec - it is the oldest zoo in the Czech rep. specialised to rear rare and endangered kinds of animals in wild nature. It has altogether 960 animals of 133 kinds from the whole world
  • Botanic garden in Liberec - founded in 1876. Famous for huge variety of flora
  • Babylon Centrum - the biggest amusement complex in the Czech rep. - aqua park, Luna park, bowling, disco, shopping town, kids area, hotel, business centre, bars, wine bars, coffeehouse, restaurants, congress centre, presentation, expositions, planet internet, game zone. etc
  • Bozkovské dolomite caves - labyrinth of underground corridor, hollows and attractive underground lakes with limpid blue and green water
  • Broken Water dam - A dam in a high of 800m in Bílá Desná which was filled in June 1915 broke down the following year and caused demolishing catastrophe in Desná
  • Souš - water dam near Josefův Důl
  • Jizerka - a settlement with the highest altitude in Jizera Mountains (840-900m) is a favourite target for walking, skiing, and cycling tourists
  • Harrachov - tourist a skiing centre of west Krkonoše Mountains. A small mountain town with a long glass industrial tradition